December 2019

Dear Fur-iends and Sup-paw-ters,

When I first came to the Cleveland APL two years ago, I had been hit by a car and then beaten with sticks and bricks while I laid in the street broken and scared. I was covered in cuts and scrapes, and they told me I had lots of broken bones—all I know is it sure hurt! Lucky for me, and thanks to the Cleveland APL’s Second Chance Program, I was given a chance at a new, healthy life. The place where they treated me was kind of small and designed only as a spay/neuter clinic—whatever that is. Despite that, the wonderful people at the Cleveland APL gave me all of the extensive medical and surgical care and therapy I needed to make me better. They said if I had the will to fight, they would fight for me, and they did! Now I’m happy and healthy and loved by a most wonderful family—and, boy oh boy, do I ever love them, too!

For over 100 years—that’s thousands in dog years—my friends at the Cleveland APL have been dedicated to fostering compassion and ending animal suffering. They rescue abused and neglected animals, give shelter to homeless animals like me, teach people about compassionate and responsible pet care, and work every day to make sure people know that animals matter, too. They think me and my other animal friends are really, really important—and we are! And, as you know, there are no time limits at the APL. Friendly, healthy animals, and animals who can be safely and humanely treated, will stay in their care until they find their new home.

Every day at the Cleveland APL is different, just like the day I came in. But the people at the APL just keep adapting—they go with the flow and keep helping more animals! What the APL has done for animals like me is unbelievable, especially since they‘re doing it in a building that was designed in the late 1990s, when the needs of the animals who came in were very different than today. And they want to do even more—they told me so. With your support, they will be able to accomplish all of the amazing things on my paw print to the right! They will continue to do great things to help animals like me who need a new home, and they will be able to help more animals stay with the families they love when times are hard.

I, for one, know first-paw what the Cleveland APL has accomplished, and I can’t wait to see what more they’ll do to help animals like me in the future! I hope that you will join me and my friends at the APL for the next chapter in their amazing history of helping animals and the people who love them.

Oh, and did I mention that I’m going to play a big part in this upcoming adventure? I can’t wait to share more wonderful updates and an op-purr-tunity for you to get involved soon. Stay tuned to this column for the inside scoop!

Woof woof,

Indiana Bones

P.S. Thank you to everyone who donated to the Second Chance Program to save me. You’re my heroes and I love you!



First thing’s first, we needed to make the new parking lot and lay down foundation for the expansion!

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