March 2020

Dear Fur-iends and Sup-paw-ters,

WOW! The Cleveland APL has officially broken ground on its big renovation project. It’s so exciting to see the changes every day!

The people who are doing the construction call each new part of the project “phases.” In Phase 1, they carved out this really big hill behind the APL and made it into a parking lot for the staff and volunteers. That means clients and other visitors will have enough space to park close to the building when they come to use our expanded or new programs. Everyone at the APL is really excited about the new parking lot. Personally, I don’t get it. To me, the best part of a car is getting to ride in it—why would you need to park it? Silly humans.

Now we’re doing Phase 2. My friends tell me this is when we will see real changes inside the APL. First, there will be a new garage that has been designed so it can double as an emergency shelter for when the APL team has to rescue large numbers of animals at one time. Then, the new clinic can be built in what used to be the old garages—and that new clinic means a lot to me.

In my last letter, I shared that when I came to the Cleveland APL, I was severely injured. Their clinic staff made me feel a lot better, even in the very small space they work in. With their new and improved clinic, the APL will be even better at helping animals like me. There will be a big treatment area, an X-ray room, separate recovery areas for cats and dogs so us dogs won’t make the cats nervous, and so much more.

This next thing may not sound like much to you, but for my friends at the APL and their animals, this is a big deal! There will be a new centralized feeding and laundry area with industrial-sized machines. The people there are constantly doing laundry to make sure everyone has a soft blanket to lay on. With the bigger machines, they’ll be able to spend more time with animals and less time on silly laundry!

The biggest temporary change right now because of the construction is for the Trap-Neuter-Return Program, project CARE and the Animal Admissions teams. They’re all working from the front of the building next to Adoptions while the construction team works on the back of the building. That means everyone who visits us for any reason will need to park  in the lot at the front of the building. It’s only until September. I guess it’s a good thing they finished that parking lot thingy after all!

So, even though things are a little bit crazy right now, we’re all very excited that Phase 2 is happening! I’ll be sure to keep you up to date as I learn more!

Woofing sincerely,

Indiana Bones

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