June 2022

Dear Fur-riends,

I can see the finish line! For two years (that’s 14 years in my world), I’ve been giving quarterly updates on the progress of the Unleash the Dream Capital Campaign. It was hard for me to imagine getting to this point when I first started writing this column. So much has changed for the Cleveland APL, and I’ve learned a lot of big words along the way! My vocabulary is huge now!

By the time you read this letter, we’ll hopefully be done with construction except for a few finishing touches (like a generator to power the whole building in case of a power outage and a few other things that have been delayed due to something called supply chain). Despite the challenges presented by a pandemic and this chain-like thingy, the APL team has adapted and handled every curve ball that came their way. Wait, did someone say “ball?” Sorry, I’ll refocus. Anyway, the most exciting thing about being done with construction is that my friends can stop being creative and moving stuff—and animals—around while doing their important jobs.

Later in this issue, you’ll read about the support the Cleveland APL received from Petco Love and the Bissell Pet Foundation that allowed us to provide free vaccinations to hundreds of pets in Cleveland during March. Now, I personally am not a fan of shots, but I understand that they help me stay happy and healthy, which is a good thing! On top of that, providing animals with preventive care is something my friends at the APL really believe in. For example, in 2021, the Cleveland APL held a similar event, providing low-cost vaccinations for pet owners in underserved areas. They also provided other types of resources and support to pet owners and pets in need. And now, with construction done, the Cleveland APL plans to do even more to help pet parents in Cleveland with resources and access to affordable veterinary care with the amazing APL team that helped to save my life.

The APL will still be an adoption center, but the back of the building is now an Animal Resource Center. It’s no longer just for animal admissions and foster families, but now is now a hub for resources for pet parents in need. As my friends phase in their new, life-saving programs, the Animal Resource Center lobby is going to be just as busy as the adoptions lobby. Maybe even busier. All of this is being done to help animals stay with families they love and keep us all healthy and happy, which is good for everyone!  And believe me, once my friends decide to do something, they make it happen! Just look at all they did for me!

Auntie Sharon told me I have a word limit, but I can’t count so I’m going to say one more thing. I know animal lovers will be just as happy about the expansion of services at the Cleveland APL as my friends are to be able to provide them. The Cleveland APL couldn’t have made this dream a reality without YOUR help. Donors like you have played a huge role in helping animals in Cleveland by helping to build this state-of-the-art facility and believing in this mission. Thank you for helping us Unleash the Dream!

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